Women Wellness Weekend Retreat

4 Faces of Woman

The journey within to become to who we have always been.

Anza Borrego Desert, CA


3 day Women Only Re-TREAT out at the Anza Borrego Desert to let women experience their inner positive self, to rediscover their true worth, value, and potential.

You Deserve to Treat Your Self the Best.

This Re-TREAT will bring you back:
– Your Inner Freedom and Inner Power
– Your Original Sense to make Right Decisions
– The right tools to make Your Life Independent from bondages of situations, relationships and the past
– Your Birth Right to Peace, Joy, Happiness and Contentment

In the “4 Faces of Woman” Program, facilitator Maka Catori creates a sacred space for women to dialogue and reflect on the story of women through history. She will guide us through a return journey to our innate innocence, truth and beauty. The journey will lead you to YOU, the you that doesn’t need to try, to prove, to be anything for anyone. You will find a deeper, truer sense of yourself to support you in being who you really are in your day-to-day life.

4 Faces of Woman Program

will let you:

  • discover and learn about the faces we all wear.
  • let you navigate among them with confidence.
  • lead you to the face that is only yours to encourage it and empower.
  • let you live the life you deserve where:

success means authenticity

Maka Catori – Holistic Health and Wellness Coach – will share the healthy tips on how to prepare healthy meals from a variety of veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts. There will be guided vegan meal preparation classes.

In the ambience of women’s warmth and power we will spend:

  • 2 nights under the sky and evenings at the fire.
  • We will re-connect with nature, enjoy the sunset and sunrise with time for reflection.
  • We will sleep in tents on thermal insulated mattresses, wrapped up in warm and cozy sleeping bags.
  • We will breathe in the fresh air and free our minds from civilization.
  • We will Xplore Horizon by driving JEEPMAKs – Jeep Wranglers – that are offroad ready and luxury equipped in camping gear.


Desert`s tranquility calls for a deep reflection and awakens a pure desire for a change. The need for the feminine power is vital for a new world order of Peace, Love and Harmony.

Are you ready for a change?

Through these ignited powers in ourselves we will be able to bring change to our Lives, Society, Nature and to the World.

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1st Day:

  • 3 Healthy Food Choices Sessions
  • Vegan Lunch
  • Cooking Dinner Together
  • Driving JEEPMAK
  • Group Talk
  • Meditation
  • Desert Hike

2nd Day:

  • Sunrise Meditation
  • Desert Escape all day 4 Faces Program
  • Driving off-road trails at Anza Desert
  • Vegan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Guidelines
  • Silent Walk as a Mastery of Thoughts
  • Women Together Bonefire
  • Getting Closer to Native American Spirituality

3rd Day:

  • Awakening Night Meditation
  • Knowing Tools for Mastery of 4 Faces Summary

Vegan Choice Wrap up Session


$650.00 per Person


4 Faces of Woman Program:

– Journey through the cycle of the Faces we wear.

– Discover your Ancient, Modern and Eternal Woman`s Faces.

– Discussions. Workshop activities.

– Team vegan cooking.

– Meditation at sunrise and sunset.

– Silent walk.

– Connection with Nature and Spirituality.

– Awakening the inner self while in the tranquility desert.

– Evenings around a bonfire with Native American stories of wisdom and ancient knowledge.

– Explore the Horizon as you get behind the wheel and take control in a Jeep on the desert trails

Vegan Meal Preparation Classes

special edition jeep, with camping equipment:

tent, sleeping bags, chairs, table, full propane tank, stove, refrigerator,
kitchenware and tableware, bowls, plates, mugs,
flashlights, air compressor, tow line, walkie-talkie
solar panel with battery (with 110V inverter),
water container (5 gal.) and a shower !



– campground fees for nights in tents

– showers and bathroom available.

Trip Hosting by Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health & Wellness Coach: Maka Catori

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