My Body

Your body is your first friend.

Being more precise, it is your first inner-outer friend. The first who listens to you, expresses you and follows your wishes and orders.

It is this kind of a friend that gives you pleasure and demands to be taken care of.
It serves best when your treat it best.

To have the best relationship with your body, to keep the balance between its needs and returns means:

  • not to take it for granted.
  • to be aware of the flow of energy inside and around and don’t clug it by worries, negative thinking, stress, ego, jealousy, and attachment.
  • to feed it with food that your body recognizes as food. That is natural not GMO genetically modified, comes from Mother Earth not from laboratory.

Real food makes your life real. Artificial makes it fake.

Real food brings you joy and health that saves your money and endures your vitality.

Energy Centers – Chakras

Energy Centers in which the energy flows throughout our body are called Chakras. There are seven main chakras located along the spine. The name is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” because of their circular shape. These spinning energy centers are connected to major organs or glands that control other parts of the body.

Each chakra vibrates and resonates with the energy around us. We receive information from the environment and we send it back in the subtle communication.

The openness and the flow of energy through our chakras determines our state of health and balance.

From the cockpit of self-awareness as a source of energy, a point of light, we are able to master the flow of energy in our body.

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