My name is Maka.

As a little girl I was called Mak. Mak is a red poppy flower that grows in Polish meadows and among golden wheat fields where they dance on the wind and the sun rays with blue bachelor buttons. That sunny wind takes me on many adventures to Xplore Horizon. I am a traveller. I found my place in Southwest – the beautiful land of Native Americans. Maka in Native Americans language and culture means Earth, The Mother Earth.

I am a practitioner of the awareness of the harmony between the spiritual growing and healthy life approach. I meditate Raja Yoga and live vegan life. I promote life without violence in every aspect.

I walk the talk. I sustain healthy and happy living by keeping the balance of spiritual practice, physical activities and healthy eating. My pure desire is to share my knowledge.

The purpose of my life journey is to share my knowledge with you…

 DSC03489 - extra

No photoshop here. I am actually standing on the rock there, the laugh and joy is lifting me up.

“The Earth would always carry you and let you go up to grow if you let it yourself.” Maka

Magazine VIVA! MAKA in Polish 


…I have never thought that I would live in the US, especially that I knew only Florida. But it was something pulling strongly my heart there. Indians – their culture, history and wisdom.

I was invited to Burning Man – the annual festival of art, fire, desert nights lighted by spectacular artistic illuminations. And sand storms that, as remembered by natives, they come with the wind that always brings the change. And it did. With the film crew we were driving from San Francisco through the desert to the playa. My cheeks were glued to the window. The vast space of nothingness, naked hills brought the feelings of belonging: I was there somehow, some days, other life times. I was welcomed by America. It was a magic trip.

Native American Incarnations
Sandstorms are not that often on this land. The desert looks like old man`s broken heels. I was taken by swirling sandstorm in the middle of the playa and thrown into completely different dimension. I felt my native americans past lives. I was there somehow, some days, other life times. I came here again to complete what was awaiting. (…)