Soul – a tiny point of light – a source of energy. This is who I am. Through this awareness I am able to re-connect to my original nature, to my highest values. In the awareness of being in the soul consciousness I am able to connect to the Supreme Soul. Just a thought is a carrier of shifting my awareness.

Raja means royal. Elevated thoughts bring back purity, peace, love, and happiness.
Elevated thoughts re-establish self-esteem.

Yoga means connection. Raja Yoga means the union with the Supreme.

Raja Yoga Meditation:

  • gives you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself
  • helps you re-discover and use the positive qualities already latent within you
  • enables you to develop your strengths of character and
  • creates new positive attitudes and responses to life.

Meditation enables you to embark on the inward journey.

When we have positive thoughts
there is biological change in the body
as we release endorphins
which make us feel better.

Positive Mind Meditation with Anthony Strano

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